Josh Inglis – Wicket – South Africa vs Australia.

Josh Inglis, a relatively unknown figure in the world of international cricket. Found himself thrust into the spotlight during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 semi-final against South Africa. With the Australian team struggling to chase South Africa’s modest target of 213 runs. Inglis stepped up to the plate and delivered a performance that belied his limited experience.

Inglis’s Innings: A Calm and Composed Display Under Pressure

Walking into the crease with Australia’s middle order in tatters and the pressure mounting, Inglis showed remarkable composure and maturity. He played a patient and calculated innings, carefully picking his shots and ensuring that Australia remained in the hunt for victory. His 28 runs off 49 balls may not have been the most eye-catching, but it was a crucial contribution in a tight match.

Inglis’s Partnership with Steve Smith: Building a Foundation for Victory

Inglis formed a vital partnership with Steve Smith, another experienced cricketer, to steady the Australian innings. The two batsmen played cautiously but effectively, putting on a 50-run partnership that helped Australia regain control of the chase. Inglis role in this partnership was particularly noteworthy. He provided the stability that Australia needed in the face of South Africa’s bowling attack.

Josh Inglis Contributions Beyond the Scoreboard: A Valuable Team Player

Inglis’s contributions extended beyond his batting performance. He was a reliable fielder, taking a crucial catch in the middle overs that broke South Africa’s momentum. Additionally, his presence in the dressing room provided a calming influence on his teammates, helping to ease the tension that was evident during the chase.


Josh Inglis’s performance in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 semi-final against South Africa was a testament to his talent, temperament, and ability to perform under pressure. He emerged as an unlikely hero for Australia, playing a crucial role in his team’s victory. While his contributions may not have been as flashy as those of some of his more experienced teammates, they were no less valuable, and they have undoubtedly earned him a place in the hearts of Australian cricket fans.

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